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High Quality Products Made in the USA.

Making Only The CDs You Need, When You Need Them.

Image a world in which you only manufactured the CDs that you had already sold, with no need to keep huge inventories laying around. Imagine the whole system working quickly and efficiently while integrated directly with Unable's E-Commerce solutions. Well, that world is HERE. We'll take the orders, manufacture the necessary units and ship them right to your customers. All you need to do is cash the check!  

Set-up Price:  FREE w/ digital distribution or $24.99 without.

Here's How it Works:
  1. You send us the .WAV files for your audio, and .JPG files for your artwork, at the proper specifications.

  2. We load the audio and artwork into the computer system that manages the On-Demand Manufacturing process.

  3. We make your CD available for sale online.*

  4. When a customer orders your CD, we process the transaction.

  5. We then manufacture the CD(s) that your customer ordered and package it for shipping.

  6. We ship the CD directly to your customer, and the order is fulfilled!

  7. You keep 90% of the profit*, and you don't have to lift a finger.

Why This is For You
It's Time To Stop Wasting Money.
  • No need to spend tons of money to press thousands of units that you might not sell.

  • Manufacture ONLY the CDs that have already sold!

  • We do all of the work for you!  We sell the CD online, we process the payments, make the CDs and take care of the shipping!

  • Works in quantities from 1 to 2000.

  • Need CDs for yourself, to sell at shows? This system can handle that too! You buy them from us at our special "direct-to-artist" price, and then we'll manufacture whatever quantity you need and ship them right to you. Prices start as low as $1.22 per CD, including U.S. shipping!*

  • If you want to sell your CDs online through your own website too, that's fine with us. You've got two options to do this:

    • Order a few CDs from us to keep on hand in order to fulfill the orders that you take.

    • You pass the order through directly to us (including payment and shipping destination) and we'll make the disc and ship it to your customer.

*Specifications and Other Details
  • Set-up fee for On-Demand CD Manufacturing is waived if also purchasing digital distribution package for the same release, otherwise the one-time fee is $24.99 per release, plus tax.

  • The On-Demand CD Manufacturing process can ONLY manufacture standard CDs in standard jewel cases, with the following printable surfaces: front cover, tray card, CD face, and 1-panel insert (reverse side of front cover). For all other packaging options and needs, please see our Standard CD Manufacturing below.

  • UPC/EAN bar codes are provided free of charge, but customer is responsible for adding the bar code to their image.

  • Unable Music Group can add the bar code to customer's artwork for $9.99 plus tax.

  • Audio must be supplied in .WAV format.

  • Artwork must be print-ready and be supplied in .JPG format at a minimum of 300 dpi, adhering to the following specifications:

    • No bleed or crop lines to worry about.

    • Front Cover:  1423 x 1411 pixels

    • 1-Panel Insert (reverse side of front cover, seen on left when jewel case is opened):  1423 x 1411 pixels

    • Tray Card (back cover of closed jewel case):  1772 x 1385 pixels, including 74 pixel spines x 2.

    • CD Face (on-disc printing):  1394 x 1394 pixels

  • Unable Music Group will make your CD available for sale on and/or, through our Amazon web-store and on a case-by-case basis, at our discretion, the websites of other affiliated companies and organizations.

  • You get 90% of the net profit generated by online sales, as described immediately above. Net profit is revenue remaining after deduction of costs for manufacturing, materials, labor and shipping.

  • Since CDs sold "direct-to-artist" for artist use are sold at a deep discount, there is no revenue share applicable to these units; Unable Music Group retains 100% of the profit. You, however, are free to resell your purchased units at any price that you determine - and you retain all revenue from such sales.

  • To request a "direct-to-artist" price list, to see what you would pay to purchase CDs from our On-Demand Manufacturing system, please contact us today!

All the Best Options and the Highest Quality.

Do you need design and packaging options beyond what our On-Demand Manufacturing system can handle? No problem! Using standard replication, we can get you just about any CD or DVD option that you can think of.  Here's just some of what is available; for CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs:

  • For quantities 300+

  • Bulk discs without packaging

  • Discs in standard jewel cases with multi-page booklets

  • Discs in standard jewel cases with folder/poster inserts

  • Clear jewel cases with printing on both sides of tray card

  • Discs in digipacks, wallets and/or jackets (with or without inserts)

  • DVD and Blu-ray packaging

  • Enhanced CDs

  • Multi-disc packaging

  • Custom packaging

Our prices are probably much lower than you would think, and we can ship to just about any location in the world.  For more info, or to get a custom quote, contact us today.

Why On-Demand?
On-Demand CDs
On-Demand Details
Standard CD Pressing
Other Merchandise
Whatever You Need, We've Got It.

We understand that merchandise sales are one of the most important revenue streams available to an artist today. That's why Unable Music Group is committed to helping our clients build their merch options and inventory, while maintaining a healthy budget. A band should be focused on writing and playing great music, not getting bogged down in the details about t-shirts, hats and other items; not running around from vendor to vendor to find what they need. At Unable Music Group, we can take care of all of this for you - all in one place!


We can provide you with the most popular merch items including:

  • Vinyl records

  • T-Shirts & sweatshirts (high quality screen printing)

  • Hats

  • Patches

  • Other clothing

  • Mugs & glasses

  • Stickers & window decals

  • Posters, business cards, flyers and other stationery

  • Pens, key chains and coasters

  • Just about anything else you think of!

Contact us today for details and a quote!

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