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Often Overlooked, Licensing is Critical.

What would your fans think if they heard your song in the hottest new PlayStation or Xbox title; or maybe during a movie or TV show? Sync Licensing is what it's called, and Unable Music Group can get it done.

Through our extensive network of partners and connections, we put your music at the finger tips of the people who want to use in the projects. We utilize both an in-house catalog that is often shopped by music supervisors and industry professionals, and the catalogs of several high profile Sync Licensing partners. By working your music into multiple non-exclusive sync catalogs, we significantly increase the odds of your music being discovered as the perfect fit for that hot new video project.

Once your music is selected for licensing, we will negotiate the license on your behalf or we'll assist you in negotiating it yourself, ensuring that the deal is closed quickly - and that you get the highest amount possible for the use of your music. We will also take care of collecting the licensing fees for you and completing the necessary paperwork, so you can focus on making music and stop worrying about if and when you'll be getting paid.



  • Tracks are tagged with relevant keywords pertaining to mood, style, feel, lyrical content and other descriptors.

  • Track information, along with audio clips, are entered into our searchable catalog.

  • Music Supervisors, or other clients looking to license music for a project, can search the catalog using keywords to help them find the perfect track.

  • Once a track is selected by a client for use, Unable Music Group will do the work necessary to close the deal for you. We'll even negotiate and collect the license fee for you!

  • Passive program is reliant upon clients searching our catalog, and our partners' catalogs, to find and license your music.


  • Differs from the Passive Program because we don't wait for someone to browse our catalog to find your track; we reach out proactively.

  • Unable Music Group is hired for a specific amount of time to actively promote a track (or a set of tracks) to our network of music supervisors, production companies and other industry professionals.

  • Service is similar to a promotional campaign for press or radio.

Stop Searching, It's Right Here.

Unable Music Group represents a catalog of thousands of tracks spanning just about every genre imaginable. We are confident that we've got a quality track in our catalog that is perfect your project at a price that won't destroy your budget.

If you need to license a track for your video and/or game production, and you'd like access to browse and shop our catalog, please click here to contact us right now!

Still can't find what you're looking for? Consider asking about our custom music composition and production services. If you can't find what you need, we'll make it just for you!


Licensing Music for TV, Film and Video Games

Sync Licensing
Active Sync
Need a Song?

Active Sync Licensing Promotion

Find a plan that works for you

  • Sync - Quarterly

    Every 3 months
    Promotion of up to 5 songs for sync licensing opportunities
    • 0% commission on placements under $5,000
    • 5% commission on placements $5,000+
    • Cancel any time
    • Subscription renews automatically
    • Non-exclusive
    • Cannot swap out songs
  • Sync - Annual

    Every year
    Promotion of up to 16 songs for sync licensing opportunities
    • 0% commission on placements under $5,000
    • 5% commission on placements $5,000+
    • Cancel any time
    • Subscription renews automatically
    • Non-exclusive
    • Swap out up to 4 tracks per quarter

This plan will renew automatically on a monthly basis, unless cancelled by you prior to the renewal date. No refunds. Results not guaranteed.

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