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Press, Radio, Endorsements & More.

Great Music is Only Half the Battle.

Did you know that most releases fail, not because of the quality of the music, but because of the lack of an effective marketing plan? It's true! We've seen it time and again. Bands spend tons of time and money recording the best musical product that they can. They wrap the production, put out a few blasts on social media, then drop the record; and nothing happens. They wonder what wrong.


It was the lack of a clear marketing strategy and the tools, time and personnel to execute it! Making a product available for sale is never enough - you must let people know that it's available, where it's available and why they should care!

That's where we come in! Unable Music Group has been at this for a long time, and over the years we've built valuable relationships with the taste-makers, journalists and other industry professionals that can

help you gain the exposure necessary for a successful release. We'll ensure that your release ends up in their hands, and in their ears - from radio stations, bloggers and journalists, to music supervisors, corporate sponsors, direct-to-consumer and more. Our P.R. department will work with you to develop a custom, comprehensive release strategy that is based upon your goals, your music and your budget. Our marketing and promotional campaigns will give your release the best possible shot at rising above the noise. Remember, the time to start thinking about promoting your record is the time you start thinking about making your record!  Contact Unable Music Group today to get our P.R. team working on your release - the sooner, the better!

*Pro tip:  The most successful album release campaigns begin at least 12-16 prior to the release date!

Getting Retailers Invested in Your Success.

Trade Marketing, or Retail Marketing, is the promotion of a release, not to consumers or the media, but directly to the retailers. This phase of the music marketing strategy is far and away the most overlooked, but is also one of the most important. Unable Music Group can work directly with the retailers that will be selling your music, both digital and physical, in order to increase the visibility of your product within their stores. The ubiquitous "end-cap" displays in brick-and-mortar stores are the perfect example of this type of thing; but they also exist in the digital environment. Featured tracks, store takeovers, artist-of-the-week, editor's picks and other high visibility placements within retail outlets can help take your music sales to the next level. Get in touch with our P.R. team today to find out how!

*Pro tip:  The more you can explain about how YOU will drive sales to a particular retailer, the more inclined they will be to feature your music.

Shaping & Managing Your Image.

Busy artists and bands often don't have time to cultivate and maintain the relationships that are necessary to thrive in the music business. Additionally, many musicians have no idea how they are perceived by the public, nor what they can do to positively shape their public persona. Unable Music Group's professional P.R. team can help you to manage your contacts, publicity, public outreach and social media engagements, all while ensuring that you are always "on message" and being perceived the way that you want.


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