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Q:  Did Unable recently change the way in which it delivers service for distribution clients?

A:  Yes, in 2023 our business model evolved. Our existing distribution clients will be grandfathered. If you'd like to learn more, please contact us.


Q:  I need DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION, can you help me with that?

A:  We sure can!  Contact us today!


Q:  How do I get started with digital distribution or your other services?

A:  For all services, you should contact us to discuss your details. Before we take you on, we'd like to learn more about you, the project, your goals, and all kinds of stuff like that. And we'd love to hear some samples of your tunes!

Q:  Can you tell me more about digital music distribution?

A:  Due to extremely high demand, our digital music distribution is now available by application or invitation only - and is often reserved for our promotion & marketing clients. Unable Music Group distributes to over 300 retailers in 240 countries. We throw in lots of extras too - like FREE UPCs and ISRCs, optional Trade Marketing, On-Demand CD Manufacturing and more! Feel free to be creative - you can distribute as many singles, EPs, albums, and ringtones as you want! Contact us for more info.

Q:  How much does digital distribution cost?

A:  Click here for prices.


Q:  How do I upload files to Unable Music Group and/or complete the distribution process?

A:  Simply click on the "Create a Release" menu option at the top of the screen, then log in to your Unable Music Group account. Once you're in, just follow the instructions on screen. If you have a distribution account with us, but need help with this process, contact our customer service team.

Q:  Can Unable Music Group help me plan my release and make sure I'm not missing anything?  I want this release to be a smooth success!

A:  Yes, we can definitely help! In fact, we offer one-on-one consultations to review your pre- and post-release plans, make sure you haven't overlooked anything, and provide you with general guidance to help ensure your release goes off without a hitch! The consultation costs only $85.00/hr. Click here to book your consultation today! We also offer custom-written Marketing Plans for projects, artists, bands, labels, and more.

Q:  What are your prices?

A:  Our pricing is very simple and is laid out here. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Q:  Do you offer "white label" services to other companies?  Can I re-sell your services to my clients?

A:  Yes, in some cases we do offer "white label" services for additional fees, but we make that decision on a case-by-case basis. In most instances we prefer to work as your partner, instead of behind the scenes. Contact us for more information.

Q:  How often will I receive an accounting statement and payment?

A:  We issue payments and statements once per quarter, within 45 days of the closing of the quarter.  For example, Quarter 1 closes on March 31.  We will issue your Quarter 1 statement and payment within 45 days of March 31.  If you have a balance of $10 USD or more, we will issue you a payment. If you have a balance less that $10, we will roll it over until it reaches $10.  

  • Quarter 1 - January through March

  • Quarter 2 - April through June

  • Quarter 3 - July through September

  • Quarter 4 - October through December

Q:  What if my amount due is less that $10.00 at the end of the quarter?

A:  You will receive a quarterly accounting statement, but your funds will be rolled over until such time as you have accumulated a balance of at least $10.00.

Q:  Does Unable Music Group keep a percentage of my sales and royalties?

A:  With our digital distribution services, you keep 100% of the net sales revenue we collect for you! In other words, we don't take a commission on your digital sales. With certain other services (physical distribution, some sync licensing, etc.) we do keep a small commission. If you have questions - just ask!

Q:  What type of clients do you work with?

A:  Unable Music Group works with clients of all types, regardless of genre or popularity. We work with independent, unsigned bands and major label artists. We work with small indie labels but we also work with large multinational corporations. If you're involved in the music business - an artist, band, label, P.R. firm, management company, or anything else - Unable Music Group has services for you! Contact us today to see how we can help you!


Q:  How do I cancel my account with Unable?  

A:  For grandfathered accounts only: Log in to your Unable Music Group account, then select "My Subscriptions" from the login menu. From there you will see the option to cancel your account. You can also cancel your account from within your PayPal dashboard, if you paid with PayPal. If you need help with this, contact our customer service team.

Q:  What happens when I cancel my account? 

A:  We won't bill you anymore, and we will ask that our retail partners (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) remove your music from their stores. If any more royalties are collected for your music after your account has been cancelled, we will continue to pay those royalties out to you. Once we've issued take-downs for your music, you would be free to go to another distributor (not that you'd ever want to!).

Q:  Does Unable offer services to help me promote my release and build my brand? 

A:  Yes we do! We offer comprehensive promotion and marketing services, along with full scale public relations and branding. Click here for more information.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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