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  • Buy 10 or more hours: $70/hr
  • Minimum purchase of 10 hours, except for 1 hour consultation meeting
  • 1 hour consultation meeting: $85


This product is 1 hour of work performed by the Unable Music Group team on your project. Hours cover promotion, marketing, consultation, P.R., and other similar services. Hours purchased are "banked" for your project and are deducted when used (when we perform the work). Hours will be allocated as per discussions between you and Unable Music Group, or if not otherwise directed, we will allocate them at our discretion in order to best complete the project. Unused hours will remain in your "bank" for up to one year from purchase and can be rolled over into another project for the same customer, but will expire one year from purchase. Oldest hours in the "bank" will be used first. Hours cannot be transferred to another customer. For questions, please contact our customer service team using the "Contact" section on our website.

    Marketing, Promo, & Consultation - 1 Hour

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