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Use this checklist to complete the music distribution process. SEND ALL FILES USING THE UPLOADER AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE!

1.  Read, Review and Sign the Contract.  This process is handled electronically.  Please click here for the contract.

2.  U.S. Residents Only:  Complete IRS Form W-9 (click here for the form).  Have the person named in Section 1.3 of the Contract fill out and submit this form. No payments will be issued to you until this form is completed, or as per IRS regulations, your payments will be subject to 30% backup tax withholding.


3.  Send us your audio files!  Music must be in WAV format!  (Use the uploader at the bottom of this page).


4.  Send artwork for album cover in 300 dpi JPEG or PDF format. (1440x1440 pixels preferred, but it must be square).  Cover artwork must contain the artist/band name, and should contain the release name. For a single, the release name and song name must be the same.  (Use the uploader at the bottom of this page).


5.  Make payment.  If you haven't made payment yet, please do so at this time.  (Invoice or instructions should have been emailed to you, or you can click here).


6.  Fill out the Metadata Form to provide necessary details of your release:  Music Release Form



7.  In addition to the album cover art supplied above, we will also need artwork for the following (300 dpi minimum):

a.  Jewel Case Cover - front cover of the printed CD package (1423x1411 pixels).

b.  Jewel Case Tray Card - the back cover of the CD case when the case is closed (1772x1385 pixels, incl. 74 pixel spines x2).

c.  CD Face - the artwork for the printing on the disc itself.  (1394x1394 pixels)

d.  Insert - 1 panel insert, printed on the back side of the cover.  Same dimensions as the cover (1423x1411 pixels).

Upload Files

Please send all files to Unable Music Group using this uploader.  We prefer that you send all artwork and audio files together, all at once, in one ZIP file.  If you cannot send a ZIP file, please make sure to use your band, artist, or label name in your file names so we know who the file belongs to.  If you are having problems with this uploader, files may be sent via (or similar service) to

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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